14329213_10153924018552151_1009694531_oIs your pet getting enough exercise?

Do you need to be gone for more than 8 hours a day?

Did you know that most small dogs shouldn’t be expected to control their bowel movements for longer than 6 hours?

Does your pet experience separation anxiety while you’re gone?

Dog Daycare Is for You! We provide a fun, social & stimulating environment for your dog.

For the health and safety of our guests we will require the following:

AGE: All pets should be 12 weeks or older.

SPAY & NEUTER POLICY: All animals must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age to attend multi-pet play.

SHOTS: Will be required according to your own vet’s standards for boarding, however there is a 7 day lead time to Bordetella. After you pet is vaccinated you must wait 7 days before attending day care AND over night stays.

HEALTH: Any dog with any health concerns that may be transferred to another pet will not be
accepted and will need vet approval to return.

: All dogs that participate in multi pet play must be non-aggressive, and not have harmed another pet or human. Please remember safety is our only concern. We will take pets that do not get along with others, however they will not be owed interaction with other dogs, and will be cared for with daily walks and some one-on-one play with staff.

PESTS: All pets must be treated with a vet quality flea and tick protection monthly. If we find an infestation, your pet will be quarantined and removed and you will be charge a $25.00 cleaning fee.

14285622_10153924018837151_1003656756_oDaily Day Care Rates

Full Day – $24.00 / day (over 4 hours)all

Half Day – $15.00 / day (under 4 hours)

Discount Deals

Purchase 5 days – $110.00 (SAVE $10.00)

Purchase 10 days – $210.00 (SAVE $30.00)

Unlimited Weekday Monthly Pass – $350.00
Your pet can come every day while you’re at work! (does not include overnight stay or weekends)

Transportation Services

Need transportation for your pet to your local vet? Add $10 to your half day stay or overnight boarding and we’ll make sure your pet gets to their appointment!